Fight against COVID 19

Lets Fight against COVID 19. Daily lunch program, Disinfectant program, PPE for medical personals, Hand sanitizes need your generous donation during this pandemic. We have begun Emergency COVID-19 campaign for the most vulnerable people in Bangladesh: disabled, jobless, hungry, elderly, and orphans. We are working for ensuring safety of the society. We are distributing food among 10,000 people in Whole Country. We are all completely acknowledged about the poor socio-economic condition of Bangladesh. COVID-19 has made the situation even worse by putting an already poverty stricken population on lockdown where accessibility to nutritional food, drinking water, products which are necessary to maintain hygienic life-style, medicines and other daily commodities are scarcer day by day. Street vendors, hourly wage earners, shopkeepers, and daily laborers are suffering from starvation. This project is addressing to cope up with the emergency need with distribution of survival kits to thousands of people who need it most. ৳5,000 (Hand Sanitizer for 50 people) ৳ 13,000 (PPE for 10 Doctors) ৳ 30,000 (Disinfectant) ৳ 56,000 (Lunch for 2000 street people) ৳ 80,000 (Rehabilitation after COVID19)
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